ryann morales, doula

Ryann Morales

Ryann, our senior doula, has been attending births for five and half years and has had the privilege to witness over 350 births. Ryann attended Birthwise Midwifery School, a MEAC-accredited program for aspiring Certified Professional Midwives and is currently completely the licensure process to become a certified professional midwife in the Commonwealth of Virginia and in Maryland. She also trained as a doula through DONA and as a childbirth educator through BirthWorks. She is a co-leader of the Northern Virginia chapter of ICAN (International Cesarean Awareness Network). You can learn more about hiring Ryann as a doula here.

Fun Fact About Ryann: She attended her first birth when she was five, and her first Lamaze class even earlier (her mom was a Labor and Delivery nurse).

Ivania Montero

Ivania is a Sacred Labor Doula.  First-hand experience as a single parent on the struggles, lack of support, and challenges of parenthood let Ivania to search for outlets and resources to provide her with support and guidance through pregnancy and her early stages of parenthood; however, she found nothing that met her needs or that was easily available.  Since then, she has been determined to provide other parents with that support and guidance she once sought. Keiki Nest was founded in 2014 and is driven by Ivania's passion on educating and supporting families during their pregnancy journey.  She wants to incorporate the traditions of Sacred Birth into the modern world by honoring, respecting, and empowering women through this rite of passage of bringing baby earth-side. 

Fun Fact About Ivania: She is also a United States Army Veteran and currently resides in Woodbridge, VA with her husband and two delightful daughters.  

Danielle Moora

Danielle is a new birth and postpartum doula. She is training through Doula Trainings International, where she will be learning all about supporting expecting families and providing postpartum care to new parents. Having delivered two babies with the support of a doula, Danielle wants to provide the same care and support that she experienced. Danielle has first-hand experience in both cesarean and unmedicated VBAC deliveries, as well as establishing breastfeeding through different obstacles. Danielle considers her greatest accomplishment to be breastfeeding both of her babies until they were 16 months old, which included pumping 3x a day at work! She is passionate about helping pregnant women find their voice to advocate for themselves and their babies.

Fun Fact About Danielle: A lifelong animal lover, at one point in her childhood Danielle had a dog, cat, aquarium full of fish, a rabbit, and several hamsters. Being a mom living in a townhouse has meant less pets, so she now has only a Bengal cat named Sookie.