Childbirth Education Methods 

We are currently offering three different methods of childbirth education.  


Birth Languages with Mandy Walsh

Mandy is the brains behind Brainy Birth and the one of the creators of the  childbirth education method. 

Birth Languages is a fresh approach to childbirth education. This is not a one-size-fits all method. We believe that women instinctively know how to cope with labor and that childbirth education should help women build upon and refine their natural coping mechanisms. We have identified four Languages of Birth: Movement, Touch, Intuition, and Vocalization. As you progress through the class, you will have the opportunity to explore your Birth Language and how it can help you have a satisfying birth experience.


Having a baby from Soup to Nuts with Stephanie Cruse 

Stephanie is co-owner of Apple Birth & Wellness, and has been a prenatal yoga teacher & childbirth educator since 2014, and a labor & postpartum doula since 2015. She is passionate about supporting the emotional journey of families from fertility through postpartum, and is trained through Postpartum Support Virginia as a peer support leader.

Having a baby: from Soup to Nuts

This 6.5-hour birth class will provide you just the right amount of information you need, helpful skills to ease your discomfort during labor, and boost your confidence as a team as you prepare for your newest addition. 

Topics covered over the 6.5-hour weekend class:

Last weeks of pregnancy
When to go to the hospital
Stages of Labor
Epidurals and other pain management options
Comfort Measures and Movement
Medical Procedures/Interventions
Your Stay in the Hospital
Postpartum Care for the First Weeks Home
Intro to Breastfeedin


Sacred Pregnancy with Ivania Montero 

Keiki Nest was founded in 2014 and is driven by Ivania's passion on educating and supporting families during their pregnancy journey.  She wants to incorporate the traditions of Sacred Birth into the modern world by honoring, respecting, and empowering women through this rite of passage of bringing baby earth-side. 

Sacred Pregnancy

Your JOURNEY toward motherhood begins the moment you even think about wanting to have a baby…

The 4-week Birth Journey classes are for pregnant mamas and their partners to help you connect and grow together during your pregnancy and as you prepare for birth. You deserve a sacred space and this is it!