Guided Support for Your Pregnancy & Birth

NOVA Women's Health Collective offers non-clinical professional doula support for your prenatal, birth, and postpartum period.  We strive to support our community, and do so by mentoring doulas of different experience levels.  All of our doulas are trained and can access an experienced mentor 24/7.  

The experience level of our doulas ranges from having attended a handful of births to having attended hundreds.  We first offer a free phone consultation to guide you in choosing the best doula for you.  After the phone consultation, we offer a free in-person consultation with the doula of your choice.  You can find out more about our doulas here.  

What's Included

1 Free Consultation Consult with the owners of NOVA WHC by phone to help guide your selection of a doula you'd like to interview.  We will then schedule an in-office interview for you to get to know the doula you've chosen to interview.

2 prenatal visits Your doula will do one in-office visit with you around the beginning of your third trimester, and one home visit around 38 weeks.  She will help you create your birth plan, answer your questions, help you find resources or childbirth education opportunities, & get to know you and your individual birthing plan.  

On-Call time Throughout the majority of your pregnancy, your doula will be available for questions and concerns via phone and email during normal business hours, and 24/7 for emergencies.  Your doula will be on call for you starting at 38 weeks with continuous phone, text, and email support.  

Your Birth Your will have continuous support from your doula through your entire active labor, birth, and 2 hours postpartum. 

Postpartum Your doula will do one postpartum visit around a week after your birth, as well as phone, text, and email support.  Your doula can also provide lactation support. 

Statistics on Birth Doula Support

  • Reduction in likelihood of a cesarean by 28%
  • Reduction in the use of pitocin by 31%
  • Reduction in the likelihood of a forceps or vacuum delivery 
  • 12% increase in the likelihood of spontaneous vaginal birth
  • 9% reduction in the use of any medications for pain relief
  • 14% decrease in the risk of newborns being sent to the special care nursery
  • 34% reduction in the risk of being dissatisfied with the birthing experience


Tiered pricing based on experience from $600-$1200


Guided Support for Your Growing Family

Growing your family can be challenging.  As trained midwives, we recognize the need for rest and self care in the postpartum period.  Care from your community shouldn't end after birth.  During the postpartum period, care of the mother is essential for physical healing, and the mental and emotional adjustments that new parents must make.  

Your postpartum doula will provide light housekeeping, hands on newborn care and education, lactation support, & services to help new parents adjust to the new normal of daily life.  Take a nap or a hot shower while your doula cares for your newborn, tosses in a load of laundry, and fixes a light lunch.  Enjoy time with your newborn while your doula runs light errands or shops for groceries.  Venture out of the house for the first time with your new baby and have your doula assist you with baby wearing, nursing in public, lifting and loading groceries, strollers, or supplies.  Postpartum doulas do not provide childcare for other children, but can provide assistance with daily family activities and light care of older children. 

NOVA Women's Health Collective offers postpartum support by trained professionals. We are currently offering in-home postpartum doula support with a certified midwife.  


 $35-$40/hour with a minimum of 4 hours