Lactation Support

Lactation can be one of the most difficult transitions to parenthood.  We are providing lactation services through Lactation Room with in-office visits and continuity of care for our midwifery clients needing lactation support.  You can book an appointment with the lactation consultant even if you're not using our midwifery or doula services.   Click here to learn more about our lactation consultants and how to schedule an appointment. 

Services include but aren't limited to:

  • Support with latch

  • Tongue tie evaluation and referral

  • Weight gain issues

  • Pumping support and recommendations

  • Support for breast infection or mastitis 


In-Office Consultations

An experienced Board Certified Lactation Consultant will conduct a comprehensive visit – mother and baby health history, an assessment of the mother’s breasts and a clinical evaluation of the baby’s feeding.

A written personalized care plan is developed to support your breastfeeding goals. Your care may be coordinated with your healthcare providers (OB/GYN, Midwife and Pediatrician). Telephone or email follow up by the Lactation Consultant is included. 

Prenatal Consult

Lactation Room LC's offers expecting mothers a session with one of our Board Certified Lactation Consultants to help put in place a realistic breastfeeding plan. Our goal is to ease the transition into your breastfeeding journey. 

The Lactation consultants can offer advice and plans for breastfeeding goals, pumping, going back to work, milk storage, securing rental pumps, and more.