Brit and Ryann attended a federally accredited Midwifery school in Bridgton, ME.  At Birthwise, they took dozens of courses, including those in normal and complicated labor and birth, VBAC, therapeutic and functional nutrition, herbalism, homeopathy, breastfeeding, and placenta encapsulation. Brit graduated in June of 2017 and Ryann is expected to graduate in October 2017.  With the creation of NOVA Women's Health Collective, and the idea to integrate other types of health supporters and care providers, they hope to increase access and resources to women's health services and education. In particular, Brit and Ryann are experienced in VBAC and VBA2C and passionate about serving VBAC families. They also have an interest in serving mothers who are committed to unique ways of eating such as paleo or keotgenic diet, since these mothers often have difficulty finding providers who understand their nutritional requirements.

We offer collaborative care, group prenatal meetings, and an alternate, mother friendly care schedule with more focus on the postpartum period. You can find out more about NOVA WHC midwifery here


Brit Averill, CPM, LM 

Brit has been attending births since 2009, and attending births as a student midwife since 2013.  She graduated in June 2017 and will is licensed to pracice in the Commonwealth of Virginia, and will be licensed to practice in Maryland later this year. 

Fun Fact about Brit: She has 3 children who were born in a hospital, a freestanding birth center, and at home.  She is an advocate for evidence based resources for growing families with an emphasis on improving maternal/infant outcomes.  


Ryann Morales, Direct Entry Midwife 

Ryann Morales has been attending births for five and half years and has had the privilege to witness over 350 births. Ryann attended Birthwise Midwifery School, a MEAC-accredited program for aspiring Certified Professional Midwives and is currently completely the process of becoming a licensed midwife in the Commonwealth of Virginia and in Maryland. Ryann also trained as a doula through DONA and as a childbirth educator through BirthWorks. She is a co-leader of the Northern Virginia chapter of ICAN (International Cesarean Awareness Network). 

Fun Fact About Ryann: She attended her first birth when she was five, and her first Lamaze class even earlier (her mom was a Labor and Delivery nurse).